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Jul 17, 2011 2:30pm PDT
be a parade this year. there is going to be a parade every year. how big an organized it will be is a credit to many people who came together this year as never before. they were led by the next persons to address you. [applause] >> thank you. my name is lisa williams and i am the chairman of the pride board. i am pleased to be here. [applause] i am very pleased to be here to celebrate pride 2011. there were some challenges. folks like you step up. the board of directors stepped up. our staff stepped up. we're here today to pick up our celebration. i would also like to thank joa quin, paul, neighborhood services, the mayor's office and staff for supporting us from the beginning to the end. i also want to thank treasurer cisneros, supervisors campos, wiener, and all the others who called and asked what they could do for us. san francisco pride has had a strong relationship with the city. i also want to recognize former supervisor dufty who has been with us in the past and is currently with us now. [applause] i would like to express my gratitude to our fellow board members. we have a lot of n
Jul 31, 2011 6:00am PDT
in the neighborhoods is critical. i am optimistic for third street. this is a big part of moving this entire corridor forward. i also want to reiterate something the mayor said. i have the fortune of working with malia cohen. we sit on a land use committee together. she is a tenacious advocate for district 10. she is doing a great job and i am proud to call for my colleague. congratulations, everyone. [applause] >> thank you. my next introduction is someone bittersweet. i know mark leno already did knowledge then risk and -- ed riskin. it is dpw's loss, but it will be mta's game. i know that i will be able to call on him for ongoing report -- support. so with that, it is my pleasure to introduce ed riskin. [applause] >> thank you. it has been a long time coming. the people in the bayview hunters point has it been patient as this project has taken its course. we are delighted to be here today to celebrate a great neck step in this project. the department of public works has the pleasure of working with the library management and commission, and with the community to help envision what the library is t
Jul 28, 2011 12:30pm PDT
, because there is a shortage of nursing programs and a big demand. perhaps, i hope that institutions like samuel merritt and others consider things like dental hygiene, which we also have a shortage of and not enough programs. that is a conversation for another day, but it is definitely a need, and there is a demand for the services of many of the training that this institution provides. so that is very important and is something that has job opportunities at the end of it. president olague: closing the hearing. >> this places us on item 10, and informational item on formula retail. >> good afternoon. i am part of the department staff. this is an informational presentation you requested on the current status of formula retail. a full report was included in your packet. i will make every presentation. this is the type of retail sales activity or establishment which, along with 11 or more locations in the united states, maintains two or more the following features. a standardized a ray of merchandise, a standardized assad, a standardized de corps, and color scheme, uniform apparel, standard
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)